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There are many rumors about the history and the origin of darts but it seems that one of the common stories that the sport originally began as a contest between bored soldiers / archers during respites from battle. The soldiers threw short throwing spears into the upturned ends of wine barrels. As their competition progressed, a more critically marked target became necessary, which led to the use of a slice of a tree as a target. The natural rings of the tree proved perfect for scoring purposes, as did the radial cracks which appeared as the wood dried out. The winter forced the game indoors, and shorter darts and basic indoor rules were adopted.

The sport of darts garbed the attention of a wider audience when it began to be practiced by the upper classes in the English society. In 1530 Anne Boleyn gave Henry VIII a set of “darts of Biscayan fashion, richly ornamented,” these were not darts as we know them today but more of a small throwing spear.

Like much of American History, the roots of darts in America can be traced to the Pilgrims. However, darts remained largely an Anglo-American sport until the Victorian age when it was spread world-wide by the great expansion of the British Empire.
Around 1900 the rules and darts began to settle into what they are today.