Under the slogan of “We Love to Skate” POWERSLIDE become one of the most important skates’ equipment producer and provider worldwide for many years.

POWERSLIDE known as one of the most famous factories worldwide started its journey in 1994 with only one thing in mind high quality products for all types of skating. POWERSLIDE enables skaters throughout the world to skate faster, jump higher and break their own limits. Because the quality is the best business plan for the product longevity, all the designs and product solutions of POWERSLIDE done by German designers and components from USA and Taiwan then manufacturing in POWERSLIDE factories in China.

Where Fashion meets function ..

  • Vi skates, the inline skate completely reinvented! Clap snap wrap is how you do it!
  • More support, more comfort, more performance! Welcome to the future of inline skating.
  • Doop skates, skating meets lifestyle. Make it a Doop day!
  • The first carbon aggressive skate continues to develop: USD Carbon is the best aggressive boot out there
  • All own mold fitness PHUZION fitness skates, developed from scratch to the perfect skate
  • The POWERSLIDE nordic department, with many innovative cross country summer products