We are in a time all loves the challenge and excitement, everyone is always trying to break the barrier of routines. Searching for new and strange challenge, the sports now in Egypt no longer limited to soccer, basketball or swimming! Also no longer limited to a particular sex or age, now you can start at any time.
New sports strongly appeared in Egypt in the last decade such as “Skates and Darts” and become recognized as defamatory games practicing in major clubs and disciple of official federation.
Welcome to Creative Sports Store the first store in Egypt specialized in Skates and Darts equipment and accessories. No need to order online and buying something tangible without live try, now you can choose your equipment from wide range verity and try the size of each item.
Professional skaters stay tuned for Creative Sports store’s products you will find all the small details you are searching for in your skates equipment. All the equipment that enables the skaters to skate faster, jump higher and break their own limits.

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